Partial Re-roof

This roof has been partially re-roofed after a storm hit the building, so part of the tin is in pretty good condition. The rest, however, is short, old tin sheets. Our goal here is to marry in with the existing sheeting and re-roof the rest of the building, including valley trays, gutters, and replacing flashings where necessary.

Here's how it looked before: 

monastery_single_tin_before_01.jpg   monastery_single_tin_before_02.jpg

  Fromthere, it's a pretty quick transition. When we were doing the job, the weather was a bit iffy, so we had to choose when and how much we were re-sheeting. 

Here we have most of the job done, and you can see the transformation.Here's a couple more pics:

 monastery_single_tin_during_01.jpg monastery_single_tin_during_02.jpg 

And now, the finished product. All sheeting, ridge, flashings, gutters and downpipes done, and time to move on to the next building! 


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