At WA Roofcoat we use quality products and they are backed up by quality warranties and after-sales service. 

Crommelin Asbestos coating

We use Crommelin roof sealers and acrylic paints. Click on the images for a colour chart, but remember -

These charts are a guide only. Actual colours may differ due to screen resolutions and brightness.


as well as the Crommelin Fibroseal Asbestos Encapsulation System. Here's a video showing the system:

 The FIBROSEAL ASBESTOS ENCAPSULATION system provides a reliable, proven alternative to roof replacement. The system assists in addressing the Occupational Health & Safety Duty of Care requirements relevant in each state.

This System of primer and Topcoat will give many years of protection to asbestos surfaces. A Manufacturers WARRANTY of 10 years is issued to ensure the integrity of the system.

Monier Prime cement tiles

Monier Prime have their range of cement tiles - from Elabana to Madison, there's a profile to suit every home. Plenty of colours, plenty of options.  

Monier Prime Wunderlich clay tiles

CSR Wunderlich make their range of clay tiles, with an excellent variety of colours and profiles.

OZFlex flexible cement

We use OZFlex's flexible pointing product, with a large variety of colours to match the tiles on your roof. 


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